I make things work.

Hi, my name is Andrew Dunai. I'm from Lviv, Ukraine. In Ukrainian my name is pronounced as "Андрій Дунай." I speak English, Ukrainian, po polsku und auch nur ein bischen Deutsch.

So, here's my story!

I'm 25. I graduated from Lviv Polytechnic National University where I studied "Computer Systems and Networks".

My career started 13 years ago when I was 12 years old, and my first programming experience was writing apps in Basic, Pascal and PHP.

I did a lot of various tasks at (which was called at that moment.) using Wordpress, PHPBB, VBulletin, Drupal and frameworks like CakePHP & Codeigniter.

At 17 I worked for a Ukrainian ISP. I developed a social network for them. That was the peak of my popularity at that time: nearly 30,000 people were using it. I felt myself like a young Zuckerberg. The project was still alive until 2016 when it was shutdown - almost 8 years after I left the company.

Currently I'm working as a Software Architect at Newfire Partners - a company from US with HQ in Boston & Lviv, Ukraine. I'm focused on building distributed scalable systems. I mostly write in Python, NodeJS and Java. My current project is built on the top of RabbitMQ, Consul service discovery & AWS + Docker as deployment platform.

Although Python is still my primary direction, I typically choose the stack of technologies based on the requirements of the project. I believe there is no such thing as "bad technology": every instrument is built to serve a specific job. I know Python from alpha to omega, but I also have equally strong background in Java, C, and JavaScript.

I love thrash metal, stoner rock & synthwave music. I also like traveling, snowboarding and playing with IoT.

I love to travel! I've been to US (in particular New York - thanks to the IBM company who invited me to visit their mainframe center in Poughkeepsie, I've also been to Washington, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Arizona, Baltimore, Kentucky), and in Europe I visited France, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.

Glad to meet you... Whoever you are :)

Back-End Architect @ NewFire › Red e App may 2016 - now

"A distributed bulletproof system that provides the next-level messaging platform with sophisticated administration tools built for large enterprises." Planning & creating infrastructure & component architecture from scratch. Developing backend in Python & NodeJS. Automating testing & deployment processes with Docker & AWS. Decoupling components using RabbitMQ, Consul & Redis.

Senior Python Developer @ N-iX ›, nov 2014 - jan 2016

"A service that provides centralized access to aggregated data about events, festivals & parties around the globe." Developing Python backend, frontend & Android application.

Senior Python Developer @ Svitla Systems › OspreyData, Inc. sep 2014 - oct 2014

Developing backend that processes data from sensors installed on industrial enterprises, in particular - oil factories.

Senior Full-Stack Developer @ N-iX › qBeats, Inc. aug 2013 - jun 2014

Building a highly available application backend. Wiring up PostgreSQL, Django, Twisted, Solr, RabbitMQ & Mongo.

Senior Webmaster - PHP, administration @ Remit › Axiomatics feb 2013 - aug 2013

Administering & improving company websites, both frontend and backend.

Technical Lead @ PrimoCollect › Web & SIP jan 2011 - feb 2013

Creating backend and frontend for customer area. Automating administration & configuration of 350 internal workspaces used by the support desk employees. Wiring up the SIP (Asterisk) and the internal system which handled over 1,000,000 million phone calls a month.

Full-Stack Developer @ Freelancer › Various projects apr 2007 - jan 2012

Completed over 30 projects during this period.

PHP Developer @ Airbites › Internal social network feb 2007 - nov 2007

Creating a social network backend from scratch. Server administration & maintenance.

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